Monday Lessons Learned

  • Being patient is an understatement.  When I put my emotions on my kids, when I am short with them, when I let my emotions dictate my ability to see the long-view of their lives, I fail.
  • I can never wrestle enough: At least in our house, this is a love language.  The joy and laughter that comes from a little rough-housing is so good.
  • Caleb watches everything I do:  Speeding?  Yep, he saw it.  Showing my wife affection and being sensitive, he saw it.  Working hard on responsibilities in my life, he’s all about that too.  And he literally has commentary on everything….ahh, to be 5 again!
  • I’m learning to “push” my sons in a healthy direction without putting my agenda on their lives.  This is so hard.  Still learning the lesson of letting them go and become the young men God wants them to be.
  • I need to pray for them more: I believe in this.  I believe God delights in hearing my prayers for the little boys I cherish and the young men that I hope them to grow up to be.  When I pray for my boys, I invest in the opportunity and work that God has and is doing to help them grow to be everything He hopes for and more.

One response to “Monday Lessons Learned

  1. Hey Tim… love the next blog!

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