LA Day 3

Good Morning!  We’ve only got a few minutes this morning before we head out downtown LA but I wanted to update you with a few highlights from day 2t that I wasn’t able to “tweet” about:

  • First, this morning we are heading out in small groups with a limited amount of money to downtown LA.  Our goal is to provide breakfast for our group and ask someone who may be homeless or in need if we can buy breakfast for them as well.  The challenge is to find a meal that we can afford with the limited cash given to us and to navigate these conversations with respect, honor and service.  We did something similar to this yesterday during the “city search” so it should be another great experience for our group.
  • Last night, while we slept, LA had an EARTHQUAKE! My first ever 🙂  It was very small and it appears that for the locals, it wasn’t even worth waking up to.
  • Every night we meet somewhere as a youth-group to do a “debrief” from the day.  Yesterday we met in this beautiful area centered between 4 or 5 huge buildings.  We were in the middle of the financial district which is a place where the decisions made there every day impact not just our nation, but the entire world.  The sun was setting and our group was in amazing spirits as we talked about the formation of the days events in our lives.  We could have talked all night.  Exhaustion finally won over and we needed to head back to the housing site for a full night of sleep.
  • The view from the place we discussed the days events last night

    Yesterday afternoon, we split our youth group into two groups.  My group headed over to a ministry/daycare/charter school called “Las Familias de Pueblo”.  This place is legit.  It’s located in the Skid Row area and is very intentional about caring for children who’s families who are subject to low-income/poverty level work environments.  Right outside of Skid Row is an area called the “Fashion Distrcit” where some of the most well-known clothing companies have their factories.  These factories for the most part operate with sub-par conditions for their workers.  Many of them are considered “sweat shops”.  The calling of”Las Familias de Pueblo” is to provide free care for the children whose families work in these environments.  It is run by a single nun (the only full time employee) for hundreds of kids who come through each day.  She depends on volunteers to help make the ministry move forward.  It really was an honor to partner with her.

  • I am so proud of our group.  They are putting others before themselves and letting the Holy Spirit shake up their world and use them to be a blessing.  Thank you for your prayers and know that they are being answered.
  • Today we are breaking up into two groups and so if you follow me on Twitter, you will only get half the story.  I’ve asked Adam to “tweet” as well for his group.  You can follow him at:
  • One more thing: We were having such a good time last night that we decided to stop at a Frozen Yogurt place on the way home.  Alex bought the biggest yogurt bowl I’ve ever seen!  Enjoy the picture….clearly he was happy!

    Alex says-"I've never been more happy"


One response to “LA Day 3

  1. Hey Tim,
    Maddie’s Mom and I are following every day! Keep up the great work. Tell her we love her and we are glad L.A. is getting a good dose of Maddie Cardell !
    Mr. C.

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