LA Day 4

Good Morning!

Today I only have about 10 minutes before my group leaves early this morning for what I’m assuming is a mission in which we are preparing breakfast.  We had a great LA day 3!  Overall this trip is going very well.  Our youth group is handeling the different situations the CSM staff puts us in with respect, flexibility, and joy.  I’m so proud of them.

We don’t have a lot of opportunity to take many pictures because sometimes it compromises the integrity of a ministry.  We don’t want to put anybody on “display” so being careful during these times is key.  I’d like to post some pictures today but you’ll notice that none of them really have any other people in them besides our youth group.  Maybe as we develop some relationships with the people we’ve been working with throughout the week, I’ll be able to take more pictures that paints a little better picture of what we are doing out here.

Obviously, today is the mid-way point of the trip and I can already tell that our group is more tired than the previous days.  Please pray for a holy energy for today and the rest of the trip–we don’t to miss any amazing Holy Spirit moments because we are tired!

Photo Blog:

Nice Hair Net

The girls roll napkins and silverware before lunch at MIdnight Mission

Geordy turned 15 yesterday! He got free ice cream 🙂

Some of our girls on the City Search. I believe this is Pershing Square in downtown LA.

This Trolley has the highest rate of passengers per year. It takes commuters up to the financial district from one of the main streets.

Our leaders were very excited that we go to get frozen yogurt last night.


One response to “LA Day 4

  1. Thanks for the complete updates and pictures Tim! Sounds awesome. We will pray for stamina for the kids and leaders.

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