Emergency Room Visit

Well, today was a pretty eventful day in Josiah’s life.  Not only did he have a great morning of cleaning the house, watching a cartoon, wrestling with dad, and pizza for lunch, but he also split his lip open 😦  This was one of those cuts that when you look at it, you know immediately that dad and mom’s home-remedys just wont cut it…so off to the emergency room we went.

Josiah was a star:  He let me clean him up a bit after the accident happened (he ran full speed into the piano bench), and then, after loading everything in the van we would need, he let me buckle him in his car-seat as he held a cold washcloth over the gaping cut on his lip.  What a star.  He cried but tried so hard to calm down.  I was so proud of him.

Once we reached the hospital, it was the sight of the “doctor” that he was most afraid of.  Once he started playing with the nurses, got comfortable in the ER room, he calmed down almost totally.

The E.R. and a Split Lip

One of the hospitality nurse gave him a teddy-bear that he named “Good”.  She asked why, and he said, “Because it makes me feel good….”  They even gave him a popsicle which he absolutly loved.  But then the hard part came….it was time for stiches….

We waited for quite a while for the doctor and the nurse to arrive ready to go.  They told me a number of times that they needed to be totally ready before they began.  And they said it wasn’t going to be easy….they were right.  I won’t go into all the details, but know that Josiah hated it…and I mean screamed at the top of his lungs hated it.

But I will say this…that little dude managed.  The stitches probably took an easy 20 minutes and after about 5 he calmed himself down and realized that the quieter he was, the quicker this torture would end.  I’m a proud dad.  And I hurt for my boy.  I wish I could have taken that pain for him.  It was hard to watch (and assist) what needed to be done.

And yet another chapter opens in the story of parenting.  What a joy and what a journey.  Thank you God for the amazing opportunity it is to be a parent 🙂



But, boys will be boys.


2 responses to “Emergency Room Visit

  1. Oh Poor Josiah!!! You and Maria are both great parents, and set such a great example for me! Love you Josiah!!!

  2. oh, poor baby – YOU were a wonderful dad for taking him – I have been there and you describe the parenting pain accurately –

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