….Growing Up…….

This post-Easter week has been wonderful.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a dad!  Caleb had two pretty amazing “growing up” moments this week:

First, on Monday night we had his first summer Baseball practice.  Caleb played t-ball last summer but it just wasn’t the same as this “next level” baseball team.  His team has 15 players and a pretty great coach.  We went to practice and I sat and watched while my little boy went through drill after drill to teach him to throw and catch the right way.  He enjoyed himself so much.  As I sat their watching, I remembered when I was his age playing baseball with my dad and in little league.  I was overwhelmed and teared up 🙂  I know…but it was ok because I had sunglasses on so nobody saw me crying!

Second, on Tuesday night we had a pretty big night with Kindergarten Round-Up.  This is basically a night where we go to Caleb’s elementary school and meet his teachers he’ll have teaching him in the fall, the principle, and we get to know the school a bit.  We loved it.

...pretty excited for Kindergarten.....

Apparently Caleb will have a pretty large kindergarten class next year–to my surprise and joy it was a group of children and families with many different backgrounds and cultures.  We enjoyed meeting the other families and administrators.  I think Caleb is going to love school.  Let’s hope so anyway.

Being a dad isn’t always easy but the joy of the journey with my sons is such a gift.  I’m so thankful.


4 responses to “….Growing Up…….

  1. Caleb is getting so big! I remember the day he was born : ) Love you big brother!

  2. I loved playing baseball with you when you were little. My boys always played well and took it serious enough to be paying attention and learning life lessons from it, too. Don’t forget Tim, I can still hit a softball farther then you can.
    I love you man…… Dad.

  3. That was a wonderful note, thanks Tim. Caleb, you, Maria, Josiah are all very fortunate and blessed to have each other!!

  4. Hey–miss you but love to hear about the day in the life of the Ciccone’s–the Kurth girls just don’t have as many adventures as your boys (besides we’re into the hormones, menstration, and body changes).
    And just because I can tease you–remember to teach Caleb that the principal will always be your “pal”… 🙂
    Love ya brother!

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