Twins Come Down to KC, April 23rd.

The Minnesota Twins travled to KC this weekend to play a 3 game series against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium.  Last night I had the privilege of attending the first game of the series with my friends Nate and Drew.  We bought the cheapest tickets we could and then decided to stand in an area that is called the “Pepsi Party Porch” which is directly located in Right/Center-field and is a great place to stand and watch the game.  We were literally within grasp of the top of the outfield “wall”.

About the 5th inning, we had a great opportunity to catch a home run–David DeJesus, arguably the Royal’s best player this year, blasted a shot to Right/Center field…directly at where we were standing! The wind pushed it just slightly to the right and it landed just beyond the outfield “wall” about 5 people to the right of where we were standing!  SO CLOSE!  The whole thing was caught on video over at…check it out by clicking here.

The funny part was, the dude who had a chance to catch the ball– totally let it go right between his hands….I couldn’t believe it.  If you look at the pictures, you can see our reaction to his “non-catch”!  We were amazed.

Even though I’m not a Royals’ fan, I love going to baseball games at the K.  The outdoor baseball experience is so much fun.  It makes me even more excited to get to a game in the new Target Field up in Minnesota.

Caleb and I are heading to the game Sunday afternoon thanks the generosity of a friend who gave us their season tickets for the day.  I’m sure we’ll post some pictures from our seats…I hear they are pretty good 🙂

Thanks for reading….


p.s. Had I caught David DeJesus Homerun ball, you know I would have thrown it back :):):)


One response to “Twins Come Down to KC, April 23rd.

  1. Of course you would have!! “=)

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