Jennifer Knapp Discussion

Over the weekend Jennifer Knapp was in the news quite a bit.  Jennifer is a musician who has been “on the music scene” since around 2000 (I guess) and is fairly well known in the CCM music circles.  She sort of fell under the radar for quite some time and now has re-emerged with a new album coming out on May 11th.  Recently, she did an interview with Christianity Today that discussed her comeback as a musician and her decision to be in a same-sex relationship.  Apparently for years the rumors have circled that she is gay. She not only address’ that issue but also discusses her decision to take a break from the CCM music scene.  With that interview, the “debate” on blogs all over has re-emerged on this hotly discussed topic.

I’d like to point you to two different discussions/posts on this story, both are well worth the read:

Scot McKnight’s Reaction:

Tony Jones Reaction:

Happy reading and I’d be interested to hear some of your reactions…thanks.



6 responses to “Jennifer Knapp Discussion

  1. Did you see her Larry King interview? Very interesting, especially her reactions (or lack thereof) to both Bob Botsford and Ted Haggard. Bob Botsford was hugely disappointing in his treatment of Jen and of scripture.

  2. That’s the one! Have you watched it yet?
    I’m working on my own piece about the whole “situation” right now.
    It’s interesting as my very best friend is on tour with her right now. Provides an oddly interesting perspective, especially as respects the piece that I’m working on.

  3. I’m in the midst of a Precept study of Jude. I try very hard not to judge; however, I firmly believe that the Bible is God’s Word to the church and I have to stand on that, including instructions as to how we are to live. I also deeply appreciate II Timothy 2:13 and if she has asked Jesus into her life, He will be faithful.

  4. I put my comment out here, possibly to be judged as ignorant, but how do the majority of blogposts from ‘Christian’ authors condone her decision? The 2 links you posted say that they support her in her coming out & back on the music scene. What?

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