Wednesday Morning Dodgeball

So, this morning in addition to our usual Wednesday morning routine of 7am cereal, a short show on TV (101 Dalmatians this morning) and about an hour of wresteling, Caleb and Josiah wanted to play a little “Living Room Dodgeball”.  So, we got out the soft foam balls, and the fun began.

Now, some of you have played Dodgeball with me before, and you know that I take it quite seriously…maybe some would even say that I’m “intense” while playing….well, I’ve got nothing on my kids 🙂

Both have pretty good arms but neither Caleb or Josiah has learned the value of being truthful when getting hit and being “out” in the game.  I guess they learn that from me too 🙂


2 responses to “Wednesday Morning Dodgeball

  1. Sweet!! Gotta love those boys!!

  2. oh my lands, you caught josiah’s feet both off the ground, that’s amazing!

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