High Impact Is Coming…..

Hello!  I apologize for my lack of blog production these last few spring and summer weeks/months.  We’ve beenbusy in the Ciccone house with good things.  However, I hope that all changes this week:  High Impact starts on Saturday 🙂

For those of you who haven’t heard of High Impact before, it’s a program we run every summer that combines the best elements of a mission trip and a adventure trip and puts them together for one week–primarily for our incoming freshmen to have a great start to high school.  This year, we are taking 60 people to work in the urban area of Denver and then will be heading up into the mountains later in the week for some mountain adventure.  High Impact might be the best program we run.

Last year's High Impact Group had a life changing week!

It really is an effective way to help our new high school students make the jump into high school well.  The mission aspect is a great service opportunity and the mountain time is a blast.

This blog will act as the update tool for me to tell the stories of what God does over the next week.  Thanks for reading in advance 🙂

High Impact starts Saturday, June 19th and ends Friday, June 25th.




One response to “High Impact Is Coming…..

  1. Blessings on the Ciccone family and all of your youth and may the Holy Spirit rain down on you as you all let Jesus reign in your lives!!
    Love you,
    Lois Jean & Earl

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