High Impact Day 1 Review

Welcome to the official High Impact Update/Blog! What a great week it has been already! On Saturday evening, June 19th, 61 youth and adults loaded a Southwest to fly from Kansas City to Denver to start what is sure to be an EPIC week of service and adventure. Since landing in Denver on Saturday night, we have had an absolutely amazing time coming face to face with God in many different people along the journey. Some highlights from day 1:

– Students Volunteered their cell phones for the sake of being “distraction free” and even more able to focus on what God might have for them this week during High Impact. We are so proud of them for making this commitment to each other and to being pro-active to connect with God.

– Our focus for Sunday was to give our students a glimpse of the great contrast between the “haves” and the “have-not’s” in urban Denver. They spent the afternoon being exposed to the different aspects of what it’s like to being homeless. Our youth were split into different groups that went around the city meeting people, and finding ways to serve and be an encouragement. This was a key time of education and perspective setting for the work that we are doing this week.

– Mid-day on Sunday, we had the missionary that we are working with this week, Angelina Hendricks, come and speak to our group about her calling to the inner city, her vision for ministry, and how the youth can partner with her ministry to the poverty stricken people of the Denver area. She did a great job challenging our teens and giving them a perspective that is kingdom minded.

–more is coming later tonight and all week, this is just a glimpse of our first day, thanks for reading šŸ™‚


—–One of the great things she challenged our group with was, “Not only am I a missionary to the people of Denver, but so are you”


3 responses to “High Impact Day 1 Review

  1. Thanks for blogging about our kids at High Impact! It’s fun to hear what they are experiencing. Looking forward to hearing how their mission work went today and seeing some pics of them in action. The cell phone picture made me smile… there are more important lifelines this week that those little colorful pocket-sized gadgets.

  2. sounds great. look forward to reading more!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to include us back home! And thanks for letting Alex have his phone for the Fathers Day greeting!

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