High Impact: More thoughts from our group…

Below are some thoughts from our youth! God is doing great things this week at High Impact…truly epic moments for this amazing teenagers. What an honor it is to partner with the different ministries down here that we are serving with. Please keep praying 🙂

Caroline-This as been amazing. I met this guy who just got out of jail and didn’t know a whole lot about God. I saw how it was to be homeless and how very judgmental I can be.

Jessica- Wow. What an amazing experience! I learned so much already. Mostly I have learned that in order to be a part of the body of Christ you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Just put yourself out there and trust that God is going to do something AMAZING!!!!

Charlie N- this has been the best trip I have ever been on. When I talked to John Swanger (a member at Scum of the Earth Church) he really spoke to me. If god can make somebody who hated Christians and did drugs to be coming a Christians and stopped doing drugs there is nothing he cannot do and there is nothing I can’t do for Christ!

Grace- This trip has just been an amazing new look on life. Just seeing that some people aren’t even sure if they’ll eat that day is mind-bobbling. I’m really trying to live every day like it’s my last and thanking God that I wake up in the morning.

Betsy N. – last night, someone very dear to me was sobbing during small groups. The great part of this was that he was crying because he was entirely moved by his experiences through the week. I never see this person cry from something touching his soul to such a powerful level. That sight alone makes this an excellent trip, along with all the wonderful people I’ve met, worked with, and had the honor of getting to know.


One response to “High Impact: More thoughts from our group…

  1. I love to read the students first hand accounts. thanks for giving them this avenue to fill us in on what’s going on in their lives.
    caleb & I just read through these together & You know this brings many questions from him!

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