High Impact Student Post

Below are some great words from Kurtis Blunt who had an amazing day of ministry on Monday:


I’ve only been here for two days and I can not believe how much God has done in our lives. We’ve seen so much already and talked to so many people. It’s really crazy how I used to be afraid of talking to homeless people, and I now I’ve seen that they are no different than us. God has BLESSED me with 6 people to talk to and invest in.

The main purpose of this message to tell you a bit about a man I got to talk to today.

Today, my group’s mission was to go to a laundr-o-mat and wash some sleeping bags for a camp that the organization that we have been helping with sends there kids to. Our mission was to wash sleeping bags but also to go and talk to some of the citizens of Aurora who were around there.

While we were waiting for the items I got to start talking with a guy. His name was Teddy. While we sat there and talked I learned that teddy had just gotten out of prison and has been living on the streets since. He had been arrested and convicted for hitting a lady while driving drunk 9 years ago. I also learned that he hadn’t let up on his addictions with alcohol, drugs, or women.

It was really weird hearing him talk about this because while he told me the things he had been caught up, in he talked about his views on Christ too. He had grown up in the faith that we have, but he had never had a personal relationship with Jesus and that’s why he lacked the ability to give up these addictions he had.

While I kept talking to him, he stopped with a pause and said, “ man, I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about Christ, I love talking about God and Jesus, but I can’t preach about him when my life is messed up like it is.”

I asked teddy if he had ever asked Christ to live with him and he kinda just moved on and didn’t respond.

So anyway, before I finished talking with him, I got to pray for teddy. I asked God that he would spark something in teddy’s life to leave the old things behind, and to step over the line that he was fighting to become a true follower of God. He was so thankful for the time that we got to have together and he gave me a hug and a hand shake.

It was so amazing to see this and experience it. It would be great if you guys who read this could put teddy in your prayers.

thank ya,

Kurtis Blunt

Please keep praying for Kurtis and our group as these kind of conversations continue to change lives……


3 responses to “High Impact Student Post

  1. Praise the Lord!! That is so awesome. I just recently read “Same Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall & Denver Moore, and this reminded me. Great experience for spiritual growth!!

  2. great experiences you are having. thanks for sharing yours, Kurtis.

  3. Love the update and the pics! We prayed for you this morning in staff meeting. Hope the rest of your week is just as meaningful.

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