Guatemala update

Hello everyone!  I bring you greetings from Guatemala!!  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update you this far  on our trip.  Internet access has been few and far between.  We are hoping that changes Monday.  Everybody is doing wonderful and our trip has been amazing so far.  Please keep praying for us and look for and update hopefully by the end of Monday.




3 responses to “Guatemala update

  1. It’s been raining most of today, which caused me to think of Nate’s comments on the rainy season, and I’ve been reliving my time in March. I hope the zipline was just a blast for all. You are in my prayers! Peace.

  2. great to hear from you! glad all is well – maybe Alex can pocket dial me again 🙂

  3. Prayed for all of you today in staff meeting. Hope your teaching is fruitfull and your connections with kids meaningful. Praying for your energy during the dayd and deep rest at night, but mostly that you will see God working in you and through you as never before.

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