LA Update Day 1


Monday Morning:

After a great flight yesterday across the country, LA greeted us with some nice sunny weather–but a little cool…only 70 degrees ;). This morning it’s 51making it’s way to 75….I heard it’s snowing in KC?

After we landed, a little bit of business and we were in our 12 passenger vans looking for the closes “In and Out Burger”…a Cali favorite. Digesting, we had a brief time of devotions as we set up the week and then headed to Walmart to pick up some coffee and other supplies. We arrived at the housing site a little early and were up able to get unpacked and settled in.

We’ve two other groups here at the CSM housing site–one from North Park University and the other from a methodist church in Texas. I was shocked to see that one of the North Park Students here is a former student of mine from a church I worked at in the late 90’s. He was in 5th grade when we left that church and I haven’t seen him since! It was awesome to reconnect.

The CSM staff did an orientation for all of us, we had a leaders meeting, then were treated to Indian food for dinner—it was amazing—and most of our group went back for seconds and even thirds. I guess the In and out Burger didn’t fill them up too much 🙂

After dinner, we all gathered around and went on one of the coolest tours ever—a Prayer tour of LA. The CSM staff guided a driving prayer tour through some of the most amazing and depressing areas of LA, places that we will be working in all week. Driving down Skid Row at 8pm and seeing all the people sleeping on the streets was a pretty eye opening experiencing—especially leaving Johnson County just this morning.

Here are two young ladies thoughts on the trip this far:

Melissa Ator: When we got to CSM we had a little time to hang out and play a little mafia before dinner. After dinner we went on a prayer tour, which was very eye-opening. So far this trip has been great!

Lizzie Stover: This is my second year on the trip, so coming on it I had some expectations. I thought I knew exactly how the prayer tour was going to go but they had a bunch of new eye-opening facts and they even had us lay on the ground and think about how it would be to be homeless every night, now if you’ve never done this it really changes the way you look at things. So far this trip is more then meeting my expectations and I’m sure there will be many more life changing experiences also right now I am enjoying getting to know my team.

Today we head to our ministry sites—actually, one of the group has already left to work with a ministry called Project Angel Food which packs meals for HIV and AIDS patients who can’t leave there home. These are the kind of project that our wonderful youth will be a part of all week.

We will try and update the blog as often as we can–free time is scarce but we will do the best we can.

Prayer Points:
–We have a couple of students not feeling well. Nothing serious, but with the time change, business, and lack of sleep, “nothing serious” can turn into “pretty serious” rather quickly. Please pray that the whole group stays healthy and energized.

–My heart is for our group to see what God is doing here in LA and jump in! I think we have an amazing group with a ton of depth–pray that they have an attitude to engage the Living God here in LA in a way that opens them up to a deeper understanding of what the Spirit is doing in their life and in the lives of our group.

Thank you!



5 responses to “LA Update Day 1

  1. Love the pic of you lizzy… GOD BLESS,,, have a great time

  2. Just wanted you all to know that the Chan family read your blog updates today and that we prayed for you during our devotion time this morning. Praying for the requests and projects that you mentioned. Loved hearing about the prayer tour! Will continue to pray every day even if there aren’t time for updates.
    The Chan family

  3. I am praying for the teams in LA and Guatamala. I know God is going to do amazing things this week. I really appreciate your updates Tim they are fun to read and encouraging.

    Love to the Hillcrest Group!

  4. Loving the updates! It’s been great reading the blog from L.A. and Guatemala and hearing about your experiences. Will be praying for healthy team members during the week! -Janie Tyler

  5. I’m glad LA is warmer for you than it was for us a few weeks ago!! We will keep you all in our prayers and read everything that comes through.

    Earl & Lois Jean

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