End of Day 1

LA: End of Day 1: Our group speaks:

Nate Starcev– I absolutely love the trip so far! Today we went to a homeless shelter called LA Mission, and it was amazing. We were separated into groups, the group I was in was Tim, our counselor Jay and I. We got the privilege to help out two men Augustine and Clearance. Their job that day at the shelter was to move all the heavy beds from one area in the room and clean the floor were the beds were. We didn’t help them much with the cleaning of the floors but moving the beds to were they needed to be placed. I personally think that all of us in the group did more listening rather than working. We got to hear how the Lord changed the lives of Augustine and Clearance. It was amazing all the stuff they have been through, Clearance has been homeless with his wife for a long time and was hooked on drugs. Augustine was joined into a gang at the age 15 in the East side of California, and was also hooked on a strong drug called meth. At the midst of all this in both their lives Lord provided a way for his love to come and flow into the hearts of these men. They now work at the homeless shelter to help those in need because they know what it is like to be in that situation. It also shows me how fortunate I am in my life from the friends I have, to the family that loves me, and even the education I receive at KCCS. I have already encountered so much on this trip and can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me.

Pat Doull–today we had the luck to be the group to wake up at 7! (which is the good one to be) we had breakfast and the went to L.A. mission to serve on skid row. i was assigned to the donation sorting room. the worker there was really nice and seemed like a great guy, he owned a bar and worked with lil wayne and r kelly. out duty was to sort incoming clothing donations by nice clothes for the students and average clothes. the difficult part for this J.C. boy was that every thing seemed kinda torn up and not any type of clothes that we would wear. after sorting all the bags we were moved to re decorate the bulletin boards. after that we had lunch and took a tour of L.A. mission. next we went to a business/shop area that is really nice and kept up well. we had quiet time to write in out journals and relax. it was really peace full. after that we went and played with kids at red cross community center. i helped kids do homework then played soccer with them. it was great to see them have so much fun. then we went to a nicruaguian restaurant and had fried plantains. then came home and are currently playing mafia.

Grace Peterson~ Today I awoke at 5:10, exhausted and tired, but awake just the same. My group, led by Issac and Mrs. Stover, went to a fabulous bagel shop called Noah’s New York Bagels. It was super good and I had an amazing quiet time. I came on this trip because I felt like the Lord was calling me to step-out of my comfort zone and face my fears. All of the time leading up to the trip I was scared of getting hurt or running into a bad crowd. God calmed my fears this morning in an amazing way. One of the people in my group found a verse during the devotion this morning that went along the lines of “if you are following the Lord, you cannot be harmed.” It was then also amazing when we were leaving, the car parked beside us had a bumper sticker that said something also along those lines. The rest of the day went really well. In the morning we were able to prepare meals for people suffering from HIV or AIDS. Later we played with kids at Las Familias de Pueblo. Even though it was taxing on me physically, it felt really good to give these kids the attention they wanted. So far it’s been a great trip and please pray for safety and our ministry. Thanks for all your support! 🙂


One response to “End of Day 1

  1. Oh my gosh, you guys ARE so busy! It sounds wonderful. Such an out of the box learning experience. I’m praying for your safety and ministry and that you will see Jesus working in the people you meet and they will see His light in each one of you! Love your updates…and love that the students are writing, too! Thank you so much!

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