LA Day 2 Quick Update

What a week we’ve had so far! It’s really incredible to see all that God is doing in LA an our group is so honored to participate in this ministry. I’m going to try and have the students write more tonight so you can hear first hand from them how things are going–but our schedule is jam packed with good business. Hopefully tonight we will have some time for our group to share some thoughts. That being said, here are a few highlights from yesterday:

–Health wise our group is doing great. Thanks for your prayers! Tiredness is setting in which always plays a huge factor. Isaac Hodges, one of our leaders, has a pretty bad cough and congestion–please pray for him and our whole group.

–Work: CSM is bringing us to some amazing places! Yesterday the two groups spent time at Soup Kitchens down on Skid Row, working with children in the afternoon, and packing meals for those daycare programs that host poor children so their families can eat over the weekend.

–Housing: We are sharing the housing site with a number of different people so it is causing us all to flex big time with things like showers and space. It’s working, but it’s tight šŸ™‚

–Dessert: Yep, we’ve treated ourselves to Yogurt land two different nights now! The little things are great energizers!

Thanks for reading–watch the blog later tonight for a more thorough update from both parts of our group.




One response to “LA Day 2 Quick Update

  1. two trips to yogurtland?! obviously you’ve had multiple raucous rounds of big booty then…

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