LA 2011 End of Day 3

LA: End of Day 3:

Marley Starcev–

Today was a very busy day! The mission we went to this morning was different than the previous ones we went to. At this particular one, we got to interact with the people we prepared the meals for. It was very cool to start a conversation with some of the people in the program. They were there because they had chosen to accept Jesus Christ and turn their lives around. The people were very polite and they smiled a lot. This day has worn me out but I am so glad that I have gotten to experience all that happened today!! Ciao!!!

Carley Johnson– This Los Angeles experience is totally different from the last time I was here. Some people don’t realize that there is a different side to the city than hollywood and fame. Over the past few days my group and i have been going to different food banks and such to feed people and in the afternoon we go to a little school called Las Familias to hang out with the kids. Today we ate lunch with some homeless people and talked about their lives. Though we are all pretty tired, I am super excited for the rest of this week and helping those in need.

Rachel Roach– Today is Day 3 of this amazing trip 🙂 and my first time blogging. . . .I don’t really know what to say but I guess I will start with how amazing this experience is. This trip has already changed my life in so many ways its crazy. I see God all over the place working in our group, working in me, and also in the programs and things that we have been involved in. Today was probably one of my favorite days though because this morning started out great I woke up and had a good breakfast 🙂 After everybody was up and moving we headed out to St. Francis Center where we helped serve breakfast to the homeless. Some of us didn’t though, for example I got to sit down with people while they ate and talk which is of course one of my favorite things ever 😀 I got to meet some really interesting people and listen to some of their stories which was absolutely amazing. Then we got our groups chosen and did a city search which means we worked together as a team and found things all around the city. Some time in the middle of that our group had a really big challenge, our challenge was to invite a homeless person to lunch with us. I don’t know about anybody else but that really took me out of my comfort zone to take courage and asking a total stranger to eat with us and that ended super well which is always good but yeah so far this week i’ve been taken out of my comfort zone multiple times but everything happens for a reason. God works in mysterious ways and I’m seeing it all over the place. We went to a park the other day where we brought pastries there and shared them with the homeless. I got to have a really great conversation with this guy from Guatemala who spoke very little if any english and we had an amazing conversation about Jesus and how he lives in his heart and ours. A lot has been going on in Guatemala but he talked to me about that even through all the pain and drug wars that are going on in Guatemala, God is still in control and he is going to take care of them. The guy i was talking to really opened up my eyes and heart to what God was telling me and really showed me like where God was working in his life as well. Tonight was super fun though. We got back in our groups and we did a little karaoke type thing where we all picked a song to sing and we performed it in front of everybody but we had little time to do it. Then we all got together again and made up a slideshow consisting of three slides to show everybody what we did today and how we can apply what we learned in our daily lives back in Kansas City. I have learned a lot in these past few days and I’m excited for what God has in mind for me for these next few.

Will Kanan- Today our group woke up pretty late to start it off at around 8. We went to the Long Beach Rescue Foundation by taking the Metro Train and helped set tables and prepare lunch. Also, we were able to eat lunch with the guests of this foundation and prepare another meal for some homeless people. We heard an amazing story of a graduate of the program who was also our host. Afterwards we went back to Las Familias and I played soccer and tag for around Dos y un media horas. (two and a half hours, spicing up the espanol). We finished up doing skits in a local park before coming home to finish up the day. Goodnight

BRADEN NEIHART: To-day we got up earlier than we needed to but it all worked out. i found a game called Loaded Questions which was fun to do and get to know another group that resides here as well. went to a mission for rehabbing men and women. really amazing how the people interacted and their plethora of personalities despite dealing the the same types of problems. fun day.

Isaac, Jay, Mark: Hi, it was a weird but startling adventure. We did a lot of things including missions and fun. (More from these guys later)

Prayer Points:

–Please continue to pray for health. Nobody is up yet this morning but when we went to bed last night everybody was feeling good. I think exhaustion is the only thing we are fighting right now.

–Today is our last full day at CSM and I’m pushing our group hard to connect with each other. This is one of my prayer requests throughout the week that this group sees the bigger picture of being “the church” together. This group is AMAZING and school lines keep them from totally seeing that. Please join me in that prayer.

Thanks for praying! It really is making a difference 🙂



One response to “LA 2011 End of Day 3

  1. The blogs are wonderful – you all write very well and it is interesting to see things through your eyes. Blessings to you all.
    Lois Jean & Earl

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