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LA is Coming!

This week we will be in LA working with Center for Student Mission.  I will be posted pictures, stories….really as much content as time allows on this blog during the week.  We will be busy, but hopefully we’ll be able to share the journey with you as much as possible.

Thanks for praying




Ike and Aaron

The Cross

Off the coast of San Juan la Laguna in Guatemala. Taken from the middle of Lake Atitlan.

Navel Air Base–Fallon, Nevada

Beautiful and peaceful backdrop highlights two powerful Navy jets ready to take off for a practice flight….

A Window Into Antigua

An open door-window shows the beauty of the architecture of Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemala Photo Blog days 1-4

Unfortunately these pictures lose some of there resolution on the upload. I will be posting high res pictures when we return. Surrounding us is some of the most beautiful forest, hills, and mountains I’ve ever seen.

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Guatemala Reflections Days 1-4

Guatemala Reflections

Cathryn Fleener

I thought i would know what to expect on this trip, at least a little bit, seeing as i was just here three months ago but God has a funny way of letting you know when you’re wrong. The whole ordeal of getting to San Juan was a little rough for me, and at our hotel in Panajetchal i found myself getting really frustrated with the trip because of it. Thankfully though, we have a God that supports you even when you aren’t doing the best job of supporting him. He showed this to me last night, when I was playing in a soccer game against some of the local kids. Let’s be honest. I am not a soccer player, and when put against the kids from our church and the town, I look even worse. As I ‘m running around in the rain I had to just stop and look around at the scene. Even though I was by far the weakest link on my team, they all supported me. My team was a mix between the two cultures and I had warned the kids of San Juan of my lack of ability. their only response was that it doesn’t matter. As we were walking back to our hotel I just had to Continue reading