The Cross

Off the coast of San Juan la Laguna in Guatemala. Taken from the middle of Lake Atitlan.


Navel Air Base–Fallon, Nevada

Beautiful and peaceful backdrop highlights two powerful Navy jets ready to take off for a practice flight….

A Window Into Antigua

An open door-window shows the beauty of the architecture of Antigua, Guatemala.

We Made It!

Well, what can I say–thank you Lord–after flying for more than 19 hours we have finally made it to Nairobi, Kenya.  Both Maria and I are doing well, dispite being exhausted.  We are staying at the Mayfield Guest House tonight, which is affilitated with AIM.

All our luggage came through and we are feeling fairly well.  In the morning we fly out of Wislon Airport for Korr where I will take time to update more.

Thanks for praying for us during this time.  We are really hopeful of what God will do.




Kenya Is Coming…..

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to take a quick moment and update you all that on October 6th-22nd Maria and I will be heading to Africa!  We are very excited for this adventure and will be using this blog and our flicker account to tell the story of our travels.

On October 6th, we start the long journey to Kenya.  Our flight takes us through London, and then on to Nairobi.  Once in Nairobi, we will spend the night at the Mayfield Missionary Guest House.  Friday morning we meet up with the good people at Missionary Aviation and fly to Korr, Kenya.  There we will be the guests of Jim and Laura Propst.  Once in Korr we will be teaching/preaching at the Tirrim Secondary School for their Spiritual Emphasis Retreat.  We will be in Korr until Tuesday, October 12th.

On that Tuesday we will fly back down to Nairobi, make the drive over to Kijabe, Kenya, where we will be spending the rest of the week and weekend as the guest speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week at Rift Valley Academy.  RVA is a school for teenagers who are the children of missionaries.  They come to RVA from all across the world.  It should be an amazing week.

The final few days of our trip will be spend on a safari at the Mara Safari Club!  Another bonus to a trip to Africa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Finally, we will head home on October 20th and make the 2 day trip home.  I’m certain we will be homesick for our sons  and ready to reconnect with our family here in Kansas City and Minnesota.  We are so thankful for your support and prayers and this really is a gift to be able to travel across the world, talk about Jesus, and expand our perspective in an amazing way.

We are also lucky to have such a wonderful family!  Our sons will be well taken care of while we are gone with Grandma and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins….it should be a very exciting month for Caleb and Josiah!

Please check back starting next week for updates on our trip.  I’m not sure that I will have internet access once in Korr as it is a very remote place.  However, once down at RVA we should have the opportunity to update our blogs and pictures.

Thanks for praying…

A Vision of Students Today

My friend Mike King posted this some time ago and it’s pretty telling of what our high school students are walking into…and what are college students are dealing with now. I noticed that this video was made in 2007 and I wondered how things may have changed in 3 years?


Guatemala Photo Blog Part 3

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